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I'm not even going to apologise for the hiatus (can you even call it that?) I mistakenly, on purpose took. And it's not because I'm a nonsense person, but because probably no one is reading this anymore, and not "unnecessarily apologising" for things is one of the New Year's resolutions I'm determined to stick with. A couple of things have changed since I last took a stroll on these streets:

First off, I'm in varsity/uni/college now. I no longer permanently live in Johannesburg. Cape Town has adopted me - slowly but surely I'm getting better at dressing for its temperamental weather, I know a few cool places to fix my cravings, and I have a pretty good sense of direction/distance/location. Uni is turning out to be a right bitch, and I'm very nearly wishing I didn't wish high school away so eagerly. "Nearly" being the operative word. I wouldn't trade my new found freedom for anything *heart eyes* Still, uni is seriously dampening my spirits. If you've known me a while, you'd know I'm very creatively/artistically inclined. I'll take art > business (read: anything really) Sunday to Sunday, 365.  And yet, I've found myself sitting in lectures where words like "ceteris paribus" get thrown around all willy nilly. I could punch myself at the misery of it all. But this is my life now.

Secondly, I'm back! I'm back and I'm better. That's definitely something to ride home about. Jk (kind of). Strange thing is that I stopped blogging because I was within the pits and a general state of frustration with everything, and now I'm back because I've found myself in a very similar slump. So it's interesting how you react to things. How the same thing can give rise to opposite reactions. Maybe I'm reading into it too much. Idk. Rambling. But I'm better in terms of my drive to write and draw and share and stuff - good things!

Plans for the re-up of Oh Kenzo could maybe be described as regressive. Not very exciting, but bare with me. When I started blogging, I was suuuuper into "curating" content, as opposed to creating my own. I was probably most authentic then, and not to say that I haven't been authentic all this time, but with this blog I've definitely been influenced by the direction the blogging community as a whole (#OOTD). When I started out, I was a little kid who knew nothing else but what she liked - fashion, art, photography and music - and that was literally the sum of my blog (which you can find here for a laugh). I found that all throughout last year I'd refer back to that and this blog looking for cool artists for my school art assignments. I thought it was pretty cool that I was interested in such cool stuff so long ago, and I'm still so into it today. That's a lot of so's.

Point is this: I'm going back to that sort of vibe. More reflective, more curating, more documentary, more personal, more self-indulgent I guess. MORE RAMBLING. I'm also hoping to switch up the look of the blog in due time, so stay tuned for all that good stuff. 

P.S Notice how good I've become with limiting my use of ellipses! I wasn't even conscious of it while writing this post, and not one ellipsis in sight. Proud. I'm still a slave to the parentheses though :/

P.P.S. Follow me on Twitter which is where I do my rambling in small doses if you can't take all this heat, and my Instagram is pretty dope sometimes. Also, Snapchat is a biggie now: @kenzolm

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  1. Amazing how "stalking" someone to follow them would lead you to.

    This all started on twitter hahaha and went on Insta and well now it all dropped me here and I guess snap is the only one left 👈 but will leave that be. The content of your blog is what got me at most. I've failed to own my blogs, the look the feel and placement. Always knew that blogging is not just about words pictures or even repost but the entire feel of it all. From the background, font size and style and even the tone and emotion of it all. That's one reason I loved blogs and the idea that still makes me thing its the best expression of self cause it allows you to create your. True or imaginary self online.

    But I still fail to do all that and end up having just a blog that one would just pass.

    Point of this is that your blog just reminded me of the true love of blog and not just blogging but going through them too.

    At time pressing like is not enough...

    You say you 18? Lol I'm 28 this year and you make more sense than my 38 self would ever do. Thumbs up to you real talk.

    I.G @_mok_1


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